Community Data Platforms Announces Grants to Support Local, Evidence-Based Decision-Making

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According to a new press release, “Community Data Platforms, Inc. (CDP) is making an offer that the leaders of America’s smartest communities will find hard to refuse. With support from Schmidt Futures, CDP will help three communities answer pressing questions while also creating a data analytics resource to enhance local decision-making. ‘While C-suite executives regularly rely on data analytics to inform critical decisions, community leaders who manage governments, economic development organizations, and philanthropies tell us that the lack of access to data at the community level is a massive hurdle to addressing their policy challenges. Consequently, critical community-based decisions are too often made on anecdotes or with limited, incomplete data. Community Data Platforms solves this problem,’ says Alan Worden, Founder, and CEO.”

The release continues, “The deliverable is a localized community data platform loaded with automatically updated, reliably aggregated data, advanced analytics, and – most importantly – compelling visualizations to bring insights to life. Community leaders can use it to make evidence-based decisions around their most pressing questions. Three selected communities will receive catalyst grants of $80,000 each, with additional funding sourced by the local community. ‘Local governments around the world have to make important planning and prioritization decisions, but they often do so with very limited data. Data analytics at the community level represents a smart investment,’ says James Savage, a data scientist and manager at Schmidt Futures.”

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