Learning Plan: Data Governance

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Learning Plan Price: $599
Individual Course Price: $99
Learning Plan CEUs: 7 hours

In the Data Governance Learning Plan, instructor Kelle O’Neal helps to build fundamental knowledge of a Data Governance program. This series of seven courses highlights the foundational elements of Data Governance, the role of data stewards, how to develop a Data Governance framework and operating model, how to structure policies and procedures, where Data Governance sits within the overall Data Management of an organization, and many other topics. If all seven courses are completed, a certificate of completion will be issued.

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Each Course Includes:

  • A 35- to 55-minute educational training video
  • A 15- to 17-question exam
  • Materials made available for download once the exam has been completed
  • Self-paced and on-demand e-learning
  • Unlimited course access

Courses within the Data Governance Learning Plan:

  1. Getting Started Governing Data – The Data Governance Framework
  2. Creating a Data Governance Operating Model
  3. Data Governance Roles & Responsibilities
  4. Data Stewards
  5. Data Governance Policy
  6. Data Governance Best Practices
  7. Data Governance and Its Relationship to Other Data Management Activities

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About the Instructor:

Kelle O’Neal is the Founder and CEO of First San Francisco Partners, an information management consulting firm. She is a veteran industry leader and accomplished advisor, as well as a noted speaker, author and trainer. Kelle is passionate about helping organizations realize the business value of data — and empowering them to derive insights that can improve operational efficiency and decision-making, generate new revenue and mitigate risk and fraud. Her strong background in customer relationship management, enterprise software and systems integration uniquely positions her to excel in helping organizations of all sizes and complexities successfully execute on Data Governance, Organizational Change Management, Master Data Management, Data Insights and Analytics and other information management initiatives.

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