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Live Online Training: Knowledge Graphs and Large Language Models (LLMs)

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DATAVERSITY Online Training – Professional Education at Your Convenience

Course Dates: July 15-17, 2024
Course Time: 11 AM – 4 PM Eastern / 8 AM – 1 PM Pacific
Course Price: $1,500 Early Bird Price through June 28, 2024. $1,800 after June 28, 2024
Course CEUs: 13.5

Last day to register: Sunday, June 23, 2024

In today’s data-driven landscape, the concept of a knowledge graph has emerged as a pivotal framework for managing and utilizing interconnected data and information. Stemming from Google’s proclamation that shifted the focus from searching for strings to understanding entities and relationships, the term encapsulates a network of interconnected entities and concepts that facilitates semantic data integration, sharing, and utilization within organizations.

At the same time, the advent of Large Language Models (LLMs) has revolutionized the field of natural language processing and artificial intelligence. These models, exemplified by architectures like GPT-4, have the capability to comprehend and generate human-like text on an unprecedented scale. By leveraging vast amounts of pre-existing linguistic data, LLMs excel in tasks such as language translation, text completion, and even creative content generation.

The synergy between knowledge graphs and LLMs represents a powerful combination that can significantly enhance various stages of knowledge graph development, such as schema design, knowledge acquisition and quality control, while eliminating LLMs hallucinations and improving their accuracy, reliability, and explainability.

This 3-day, live, online course, with instructor Panos Alexopoulos, is designed to equip participants with a thorough comprehension of the synergistic potential between knowledge graphs and Large Language Models (LLMs). Throughout the workshop, participants will explore fundamental steps for initiating and executing a knowledge graph development project, receiving practical guidance on the effective utilization of LLMs at different stages of the process. The course will also focus on empowering participants to strategically employ knowledge graphs to augment the accuracy, reliability, and explainability of LLMs.

NOTE: If the scheduled time is not convenient for your time zone and you have a group who would like to take this seminar at a time more convenient for you, please email to coordinate a possible alternative.

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Who Should Attend

This 3-day live online seminar is intended for business and IT professionals at all levels who have been tasked with understanding and implementing knowledge graphs and/or LLMs on behalf of their organization. It does assume general business knowledge, but not specific technical knowledge or experience. It is appropriate for business professionals, executives, departmental and/or project managers, data and enterprise architects, consultants, and technical staff. The course is not designed for any specific business domain, and as such is applicable to any business function that is in need of more reliable information, such as finance, manufacturing, human resources, analytics, operations, and more.

The course will be of utmost value to:

  • Data practitioners: Aspiring or practicing data scientists, data engineers or data analysts, seeking to deepen their understanding of knowledge graphs and LLMs, their implementation, and the technical intricacies involved.
  • Technology Professionals and Leaders: Architects, CTOs , and IT professionals exploring or leading initiatives involving data integration, semantic technologies, and generative AI.

We offer several bulk licensing options for corporate and group use.

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Seminar Format:

  • A 3-day workshop that includes lecture format over slides with questions either throughout or at the conclusion of each section, breakout sessions, and exercises.
    • The seminar date is: Monday – Wednesday, July 15 – 17, 2024
    • Seminar time is: 11 AM – 4 PM Eastern (ET) / 8 AM – 1 PM Pacific (PT)
  • All seminar material will be made available for students to download.
  • DATAVERSITY will be integrating two platforms to run the training: The DATAVERSITY Training Center (DVTC) platform and Zoom.
  • The DVTC Platform is where you will start your training:
    • This will be where you will log in, and then click a “Join Now” button on the day of the live training in your course dashboard.
    • This platform will contain the syllabus for the day, information on navigating through both platforms, enable you to take notes throughout the training, join a forum with your classroom peers to network with each other even after the live online training is over, download materials, and access the recording of the training when it is complete.
  • When you click the “Join Now” button in the DVTC Platform, a Zoom window will open.
    • This platform is where you will take the training, view the presentation, and engage in breakout sessions.

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