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Cylance Releases ‘Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Security Professionals’ Book

By   /  October 18, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a new press release, “Cylance Inc., the company that revolutionized the antivirus industry with AI-powered prevention that blocks everyday malware along with today’s most advanced cyberthreats, has announced the publication of a book entitled, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Security Professionals. Written by the Cylance Data Science team, the book shows how the scalability and efficacy of artificial intelligence are earning it a rightful place as a critical element in future technology and software development. ‘Machine learning provides a much-needed intelligent toolbox for information security teams,’ said Homer Strong, Director of Data Science at Cylance. ‘The Cylance Data Science team has delivered a solid primer on the concepts and specific approaches in data science that have proven the ability to detect attacks. We’re pleased to offer it to the security community’.”

The release continues, “With plentiful examples and illustrations, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Security Professionals covers: Practical security-oriented applications of artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques; Clustering – the grouping of items to identify anomalies; Classification – training a model to distinguish between classes using inputs; Probability – answering the question “What are the odds?” and employing the results; Deep learning – a look at the powerful class of neural network models that drive some of the most effective methods in machine learning today.”

Read more at Business Wire.

Photo credit: Cylance

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