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Humio Partners With Corelight To Bring Fast, Affordable Log Management To Businesses

By   /  April 13, 2018  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A new press release states, “Humio, the log management software provider making it easy and affordable for businesses to gain instant access to data and provide real-time flags for network security teams, today announced a partnership with Corelight, the network visibility solution for information security professionals. By pairing deep network monitoring and logging from Corelight with Humio’s fast and affordable log management technology, organizations can now get answers to critical security and IT questions quickly and accurately.”

The release continues, “Keeping up with today’s high volume of cyber-security alerts can overwhelm even the most well-staffed security teams, while the modern tools available to IT professionals often present significant incremental costs, data storage problems and search challenges. By providing an easy, out-of-the-box experience for Corelight and Bro users, the collaboration aims to solve these pain points and provide better business insight by offering instant visibility into security threats and high performance data analysis at an affordable price point. This is achieved through Humio’s per-sensor pricing model, which provides customers with predictable pricing in order to dramatically reduce log management costs.”

Brian Dye, Chief Product Officer at Corelight, commented, “The integrated Corelight and Humio offering provides an appealing logging alternative for our customers… Humio is fast, affordable and allows incident responders to efficiently visualize and get answers from the log volumes that Corelight sensors generate.”

Read more at Globe Newswire.

Photo credit: Humio

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