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OpenText Releases New Election Tracker Tool

By   /  February 2, 2016  /  No Comments

etby Angela Guess

Ron Miller reports in TechCrunch, “After months of debates, social media chatter, outrage and craziness, the presidential primary season finally opens today with the Iowa caucuses. In response to that milestone, OpenText announced it was releasing a new tool to help voters track news around the elections and parse it by candidate and issues. The tool is called Election Tracker 16 and it’s designed to showcase some of the data gathering and analysis tools in the upcoming release of OpenText’s software suite.”

Miller goes on, “Before you say it, yes, there is some irony in a Canadian company exposing this data for a US election, but CEO Mark Barrenechea says it was about finding a way to show off their suite’s features. ‘Our first step when we go live [today] is just being able to get the top candidates who are running and getting a complete, rich, easy-to-use experience. You can track candidates by topic, by media outlet break down, compare candidates and their volume of information and the top things people are talking about — and that’s really the new table stakes in the age of digitization,’ Barrenechea says.”

Miller adds, “The idea is to crawl the coverage across a variety of media outlets, then take all of that data and semantically analyze it before finally storing and displaying it and taking advantage of the rich supply of metadata around that content.”

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photo credit: OpenText

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