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Why Data Modelers Don’t Want to Automate

Reasons Why Data Modelers Don't Automate

by Karen Lopez In this month’s Heart of Data Modeling Webinar, The Best Data Modeler is a Lazy Data Modeler, I gave tips on how to get started automating the most mindless data modeling tasks.  But in preparing for my demos, my ears were ringing with thoughts of discussions I’ve had in the past with data…

The Role and Skills of the DBA Must Evolve

Evolution - The Ride

by Angela Guess Jack Vaughan of Search Data Management recently wrote, “New technologies are shaking up the status quo in data processing. Despite the rush of schema-less NoSQL and Hadoop platforms and associated tools, the change may be moderate when it comes to database administration. But some new skills will likely come to the fore…

NoSQL Job of the Day: Senior Database Administrator


by Angela Guess ARINC is looking for a Senior Database Administrator in Annapolis, MD. The post states, “ARINC Direct provides best-in-class flight-support and international-handling services for business jets. We have a 24×7 call center, staffed with qualified pilots and dispatchers, but make 100% of our functionality available over the web. Our sophisticated automation is the…