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The Supply Chain Is One Big Graph In Start-up Elementum’s Platform

by Jennifer Zaino Startup Elementum wants to take supply chains into the 21st century. Incubated at Flextronics, the second largest contract manufacturer in the world, and launching today with $44 million in Series B funding from that company and Lightspeed Ventures, its approach is to get supply chain participants – the OEMs that generate product…

Big Data Analytics As A Service, With An Ontology For Cross-Platform Analysis At Its Core

Oversight Systems is in the business of Big Data analytics. Come June, it also will be in the business of having its technology serve as a platform behind third-party business intelligence and analytics applications on-demand – including its ontology approach for integrating data from disparate enterprise systems. The company currently provides packaged solutions that let…

Master Data Management and the Warehouse

by Angela Guess A new article warns, “If you thought you were already managing big data with the data warehouse and Hadoop has ruined your day, you may also believe the data warehouse is the place where master data finally ‘comes together’ in an organization. In that case, your day then could be ruined by…

Oracle Set to Acquire Endeca


by Angela Guess Oracle has announced that it will acquire Endeca, a privately held company that provides unstructured data management. According to the article, “The convergence of structured and unstructured information is driving the need for a common data management and analytics platform, Oracle said. And the company is moving to address that… The combination…

MDM: Time to Grow Up

by Angela Guess Loraine Lawson recently commented on the present immaturity of master data management solutions. She writes, “It’s been nearly a decade since master data management came on the scene, and yet, according to recent assessments of MDM, it’s still an immature discipline, both in terms of the tools and how it’s used by…

MDM and Enterprise Resource Planning

by Angela Guess A recent article demonstrates the value of master data management strategies to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) efforts. The article begins, “For many companies, the primary reason for investing in a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy is to support visibility through greater data integrity; however, a much overlooked but equally important benefit of…

What is the Potential of Semantic Technology – Part 1


Asessing and exploiting "market potential" is complicated. Every new technology must pass through this process in order to achieve adoption. Semantic technology faces an even more difficult challenge given the pervasive nature of its potential. However, we can help accelerate this process by providing real world problem solving examples of how this potential can be harnessed (both technically and from the business perspective).

Mitigating the risk of using semantics in the Enterprise


I was talking to a project manager within a large and very sophisticated enterprise this week about why her organization chose to go with an ERP-based implementation as opposed to a semantics-based implementation on a new master data system.  She was pushing for the semantic solution, but they weighed the pros and cons to each approach and came down in favor of the ERP system.