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Building the Smart City With the Internet of Things


by Angela Guess Forbes contributor Bernard Marr recently wrote, “‘Smart city’ is a term we are going to be hearing a lot more of in the coming years. It’s thought that by 2020 we will be spending $400 billion a year building them – but what are they? The idea is to embed the advances…

Big Data at Work In Chicago

Chicago River

by Angela Guess Russel Cooke of Diginomica reports, “Business Insider might think it has found the 18 most innovative cities in the world but Chicago is by far the largest American city to announce plans aimed at exploiting the benefits of big data. Although in pilot phase today on Michigan Avenue, the city plans to…

Big Data Presents Big Opportunities for Improving Cities

The HDR-files: Chicago Evening Skyline (Navy Pier)

by Angela Guess Amina Elahi of the Chicago Tribune recently wrote, “For cities of all sizes, big data presents an opportunity to optimize and improve daily life. A panel of experts at a Chicago Council on Global Affairs event addressed four areas in which data collection and analysis could have the biggest effect: energy, transportation, education and public…