Database Management Best Practices

Database management best practices promote the efficient use of data throughout the organization. These practices support the collection and storage of quality data, as well as provide easy access to the data by the appropriate people. With today’s data growing in volume and becoming increasingly complex, the intelligent management of data has become a necessity.  […]

Semantic Technology Trends in 2023

The trends of semantic technology are based on the desire to improve the computer’s understanding of data. The goal of combining semantic technology with a computer system is to discover relationships within the data. Semantic technology can be described as tools and methods that can process, categorize, and find patterns in the data. Semantics is […]

Database Management 101

An important tool for organizations to ensure their data is stored, validated, and protected is database management. It is used to develop and deploy processes that end users are comfortable with. They can feel confident that the data is easy to work with, reliable, and accessible. It is important to make sure your organization’s data is […]

Types of Data Models and Their Uses

Businesses can benefit from Data Modeling in a variety of important ways. Data models serve two primary purposes. They can be designed to represent the organization’s current data system, providing an understanding of how the data flows through an organization, or be developed to show a new desired data system.  The model can be used […]

Cloud Computing Trends in 2023

The trends in cloud computing are an expression of the cloud services that people and businesses find useful. Public cloud providers offer a broad range of software and services that are generally quicker and more flexible than the in-house versions. In the last few decades, many businesses have included cloud computing as a part of […]

The Future of Edge Computing

Many organizations would like to implement edge computing, but its future will be determined, at least in part, by the cost of its hardware and the development of appropriate software. At present, edge computing is very expensive to install, and only large businesses and corporations can afford these systems. Two factors restrict the use of […]

Using Graph Technology in the Evolution of AI

Graph technology is being used to promote the evolution of artificial intelligence. Graph databases show how data is interlinked, expressing relationships within the data that cannot be communicated using a tabular SQL system. They work especially well when complex patterns must be identified quickly. Graphs are an excellent tool for inferring relationships and enhancing artificial […]

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