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Some Useful Derivatives of Data Extraction and Big Data Concepts

By   /  May 31, 2018  /  No Comments

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To achieve and be successful with so called “Big Data”, organizations are now involved in a lot of data extraction from numerous different sources, including the web. After the extraction of data, these data elements are now analyzed to help understand useful trends, give recommendations, and provide insights for future plans. Companies certainly have different data extraction needs depending on the size, variety, and volumes of their data resources. So, data extraction and app development companies have built various tools and apps that make use of the extracted data. Here are some products of data extraction:

  1. Price Comparison

No matter what your business is, you are likely either selling services or products. Since competitive price is one of the biggest tools for attracting customers, you can only attract customers with good prices. So, every business needs price comparison to determine the right prices for its products and services. There are several high-quality apps that help with price comparisons. These apps are often updated on a daily basis.

  1. Travel Aggregator

Most travellers make use of travel aggregators to determine the best deals in air travel and accommodation. Instead of having to check multiple websites of different airlines, you can do it all on one page with a travel aggregator. There are numerous apps for this niche.

  1. Market Research Based on Web Data

There is no business that does not require market research. Proposed/developing businesses require market research and so do existing businesses. Even market leaders need constant market research to avoid being sidelined by competitors.

  1. Building of Job Boards

While job boards are very useful to job seekers, they are also helpful for recruiting agencies. They make it easy for employers to find qualified applicants easily. There are many job apps that job seekers can download and check regularly.

  1. Prediction of Fashion Trends

Fashion is not static. It revolves and evolves. So, people have to keep track of trending fashion styles. This is easier done with data extraction and web scraping.

  1. News Aggregator

If you want to remain up-to-date on different topics like sports, politics, government etc., you need news aggregators. App development companies have also built numerous news apps. In fact, many reputable news organizations use Android and iPhone apps specifically developed for their needs.

  1. Comparison of Stock Values

Investors need this product to keep track of the values of their stock. Fortunately, several apps have been developed for the purpose, but all of them still require web scraping/data extraction to function properly.

  1. Monitoring the Prices of Properties and Their Locality

This product is for people in the real estate industry. New properties are put up for sale everyday and the prices of existing properties change often. So, it is important to monitor the prices of properties to be aware of great deals. This product also helps home sellers too. They get to see the cost of similar properties. This helps them set competitive prices.

  1. Provision of Competitive Intelligence

Some companies provide competitive intelligence to their clients by analyzing the data extracted from competitor sites, comparison sites, and other sites.

  1. Gathering of Customer Reviews and Feedback

Every business requires regular feedback from customers and so they need to extract data from customer review platforms regularly to see customers’ views about certain products and services.

Apart from the few uses of web scraping services outlined above, there are other uses in different industries like shipping, government, logistics, legal, and healthcare among others.

Effective Data Extraction Tools for PPV Advertisement Techniques

Web data extraction is the process of using an application or software to extract data from websites for different uses. One common use of web content extraction is to extract data for PPV advertisement. Before talking about the tools, it is important to explain the concept of PPV marketing. It means pay per view marketing. It is used by advertisers to send adverts to their target audience and those adverts appear as pop ups on recipients’ devices. It is pay per view because advertisers are paid based on the number of views of their ad pop ups.

PPV marketing requires regular data extraction from a large number of sources to gather content from. To extract web data for PPV marketing, all you need is an application or software that takes the URL of the website, extracts all the content and saves them in a pre-designated location in a specified format. Although there are numerous web extraction tools, not all of them are efficient and easy to use.

The web-based tools/apps chosen to work with need to be reliable, flexible, and capable of gathering all the required information. The most effective apps have easy-to-use dashboards or displays, don’t require any programming knowledge, work in multiple browers, and can work with forms, dropdowns, authentication, infinite scrolling, and interactive maps to name just a few.

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