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A new press release states, “, the data engineering company, today announced it has expanded the Ascend Unified Data Engineering Platform with the addition of Ascend Govern, a first of its kind suite of tracking, reporting, and security capabilities for a more granular understanding of how data is being used throughout an organization. Ascend Govern records and permanently maintains an in-depth understanding of the linkages between code, data, and users, providing a level of visibility and auditability never before possible. ‘Until now, data teams have been largely unable to answer questions about the true cost, value, and ultimately, the ROI of their data initiatives,’ said Steven Parkes, CTO at ‘These questions on the ‘Datanomics’ of the business are vital in demonstrating the business value of data-driven initiatives. Ascend Govern is the first solution to provide the confidence data teams need to know exactly where data came from, where it’s going, what it costs, and what the eventual value is, providing an unprecedented level of understanding to the business’.”

The release continues, “Unlike current siloed solutions, Ascend enables modern data governance with a unified and integrated approach to cataloging, lineage, security, and reporting. Backed by the platform’s DataAware™ intelligence, Ascend observes and maintains detailed records of data movement and processing, code changes, and user activity. This introduces a number of data governance capabilities never before possible from large-scale data management architectures, including: (1) Automated Cataloging: Ascend Govern provides data teams organized and searchable access to all code and data under the platform’s management, with automated registration of new data sets and code. (2) Data Lineage Service: For any piece of data managed within the Ascend platform, data teams can track down to a column level where it came from, the entire series of code that ran on it, and where it went. (3) Resource and Cost Reporting: For every piece of data in the system, Ascend reports the resources required, historically and at present, to produce and maintain it.”

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