Understanding Data Mesh Principles

ThoughtWorks consultant Zhamak Dehghani defines data mesh as a “decentralized sociotechnical approach to sharing, accessing, and managing analytical data in complex and large-scale environments – within or across organizations.” This type of Data Architecture continues to generate interest among corporations, and data professionals will need to become familiar with data mesh architectures, such as those with data lakes or warehouses. […]

A Brief History of Data Modeling

Data Modeling is the “act” of creating a data model (physical, logical, conceptual, etc.) and includes defining and determining an organization’s data needs and goals. The act of Data Modeling defines not just data elements, but also the structures they form and the relationships between them. Developing a data model requires the data modelers to work […]

Overcoming Eight Data Literacy Barriers

Leaders want “everyone, everywhere, and all at once to become highly data-literate, demonstrate a high capability to read, work with, and analyze data,” says Dr. Wendy Lynch, founder of and Lynch Consulting. As a consultant to numerous Fortune 100 companies, she understands why organizations want all their members to have a high level of Data Literacy. […]

Data Observability: What It Is and Why It Matters

As a process, data observability is used by businesses working with massive amounts of data. Many large, modern organizations try to monitor their data using a variety of applications and tools. Unfortunately, few businesses develop the visibility necessary for a realistic overview.  Data observability provides that overview, to eliminate data flow problems as quickly as […]

Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Data Governance, a formalized practice that executes and enforces company-wide data policies, has gained significant traction in the last few years. As of 2022, 81.89% of the participants in a DATAVERSITY® Trends in Data Management(TDM) survey have either implemented a Data Governance program or plan to initiate one. Yet, 54.63% of those surveyed listed a lack of Data Governance as […]

Common Types of Cloud Computing

Before the cloud era, businesses had to rely on in-house data centers and internal hardware and software infrastructures to conduct online business. Organizations had to make substantial investments to set up their websites and networks. Additionally, each business had to hire the right people to manage and monitor their infrastructures. This approach not only added to the […]

How to Become a Data Quality Specialist

First came the data analyst, then came the Data Quality specialist. Data analysts require accurate data to develop business intelligence and, unless someone else is cleaning the data, they must also perform this task. It is time-consuming and interferes with analyzing the data for useful business intelligence.  Enter the Data Quality specialist, who takes responsibility […]

Fundamentals of Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics uses historical data to find the best course of action for the future. In a way, prescriptive analytics combines elements from both descriptive and predictive analytics to arrive at actual solutions. The increased preoccupation with everything “data” is now a mainstream trend. The analytics market is expected to reach $190 billion in 2023, growing […]