The Knowledge Representation Corner: Procedural vs. Declarative Part 2 – Logical Languages

Click here to learn more about author Adam Pease. In Part 1 I discussed the difference between procedural and declarative languages, and mentioned the confusion that can come from thinking that Turing equivalence applies to declarative languages. Now I’ll discuss some different logical languages. This is just an informal introduction. For the formal logician who is […]

Names, Naming, and Ontology

Click here to learn more about author Adam Pease. Last month I looked at representing some simple statements with binary relations. This month, let’s look at what is possibly an even more fundamental issue, that of naming. It comes up often in knowledge representation and people can have very strong opinions about the “right” name […]

The Knowledge Representation Corner: Graphs

Click to learn more about Adam Pease. Preface This is the first in a series of articles exploring knowledge representation in Artificial Intelligence from the perspective of a practical implementer and programmer. AI is now a collection of approaches that has seen practical commercial application in search, linguistics, reasoning and analytics in a wide variety […]