7 Best Practices for Data Collection in 2023

Digital procedures play an important role in modern business, as they generate lots of valuable information that can be used to improve organizations and advance their goals. Thus, in 2023, website data collection will be a staple for most growing firms in various industries. However, as with any craft, there are bad, good, and better ways to collect website […]

What Is Sensitive Data Exposure and How Can It Be Avoided?

Organizations nowadays process tons of consumer data every day. This data ranges from the standard – names, email addresses, etc. – to personally identifiable information, like social security numbers and banking credentials. And while this type of data is an asset, especially for businesses, accidentally revealing it and causing sensitive data exposure can be very […]

Maximizing Your Enterprise Data Security: The Ultimate Guide to Secure Data Transfer

Running a modern business is only possible with frequent file transfers. Expanding one’s presence in the digital space and changing working habits make the practice even more widespread. While efficient, data transfer can pose risks to security and credibility. Being up to speed on current best practices is critical to a company’s continued data integrity and reputation. […]

Everything You Need to Know About SecOps

Security Operations (SecOps) refers to a joint effort between operations and IT security teams to maintain a company’s safety and minimize potential threats. An increasing gap typically opens between information security and IT operations teams as the former grows in significance within organizations. What You Need to Know About SecOps and More When IT operations […]

10 Cloud Computing Risks Every Business Should Know

Efficiency, flexibility, lower fixed costs, better collaborative opportunities, and scalability are just some of the most prominent aspects of cloud computing that appeal to businesses. Hence, it is no surprise that more than 70% of the world’s businesses now operate on the cloud. However, while cloud computing does allow businesses to maximize their potential, it is not […]

How to Keep Cloud Storage Costs Under Control

Do you feel that your business is overspending on cloud storage? Maybe no one knows all the cloud accounts your company has open. Or no one can fully explain the company’s monthly bill. The pricing may seem straightforward, but you look at your latest bill and fail to comprehend the extra charges. Every organization can […]

Cloud Data Management Challenges and Best Practices

Data sources are increasing at an accelerating pace, and so is the volume of data. In 2021, it was reported that 79 zettabytes of data were generated across the globe. The ceaseless growth in data volume has brought with it numerous challenges, with most of the challenges associated with access management, data security, and regulatory […]

16 Internal Data Management Best Practices

In today’s digital world, data is undoubtedly a valuable resource that has the power to transform businesses and industries. As the saying goes, “data is the new oil.” However, in order for data to be truly useful, it needs to be managed effectively. This is where the following 16 internal Data Management best practices come […]