4 Data Privacy Best Practices

Data privacy is at the heart of every prominent security threat – what are the top best practices for keeping data private? Some of the major cyber security challenges in 2023 are ransomware, hacking of cloud service vendors, and wiper malware. During ransomware attacks, bad actors obtain or encrypt sensitive information. The victims are urged to pay […]

What Jeopardizes Your Private Data the Most?

Breached, leaked, or exposed private data is a cause of worry for any individual or organization. It opens the door for further criminal activity such as identity theft and can damage the company’s finances and reputation. To prevent the aftermath of compromised information, businesses have been investing more than ever in building their cybersecurity architecture to strengthen […]

How IoT Security Affects Data Monetization

Understanding how IoT security affects data monetization is crucial for businesses to effectively trade intel without the risk of online threats. Today, almost every business shares important data, but not all businesses attempt to generate revenue from the shared information. According to McKinsey & Co., high-performing companies that wish to grow tend to adopt data […]