The Perfect Mix of Data and Story

Click to learn more about author Bree Baich. Remember the conundrum Goldilocks had while trying to find the ideal mattress? Papa Bear’s was too hard, Mama’s was too soft, but when she stretched out on Baby Bear’s bed, the feeling was sublime. Finding that perfect mix of data and story can feel like that. If you […]

How to Tell a Great Story with Data

Click to learn more about author Bree Baich. Recently, a follower on Twitter reached out to share her frustration over the results of her data storytelling research. “We’ve been researching the topic like crazy, but I don’t seem to find an agreed upon definition for it.” I’ve spent my entire career in roles that required a […]

Data is Neutral. What You Say About It Isn’t.

by Bree Baich Storytelling is part of our natural dialog. Think about how often you’ve said something similar to the following: [Sarcastically] “What’s his story?” [Confused] “I don’t know the whole story, I need more information.” [With conviction] “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” Yet, ask someone to tell you a story with […]

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