Planet of the Apps and Their SaaS-ification

Click to learn more about author Chris Lynch. As the CEO of a technology startup and a recovering venture capitalist, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with technology during the last few decades. I had the incredible opportunity to be at the forefront of change and explosive growth in the early networking days, was present for […]

Abstractions: The Executive’s Guide to ROI in the Cloud

Click to learn more about author Chris Lynch. Industry icons VMware and MuleSoft changed the way organizations viewed infrastructure and application integration, respectively. Their value propositions cemented the necessity of an abstraction layer to maximize efficiency and flexibility, irrespective of a company’s size or market. Analogous to VMware and MuleSoft, today’s market opportunity awaits the […]

The Myth of “The Cloud is Cheaper”

Click to learn more about author Chris Lynch. As we have all experienced recently, change is the only constant that continues to be true, decade in and decade out. Irrespective of pandemics, macro or microeconomic uncertainty, or even geopolitical unrest — one thing is guaranteed, especially in tech: change. There’s been a significant investment of […]