Not All Embedded Analytics and BI Solutions Are the Same

Click to learn more about author Daniel Jebaraj. Your enterprise software is outstanding in its functionality. You have a solid value proposition with your target market. To make your offering even more attractive, you’ve decided to embed analytics and business intelligence (ABI) into your product.  So far, so good. But which embedded ABI solution will you select? Multiple options […]

Accountability Issues with Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Click to learn more about author Daniel Jebaraj. Despite enthusiasts’ proclamations that accuracy and security are inherent characteristics of blockchain, there are still ways cryptocurrencies and other blockchain-derived technologies can be manipulated and compromised. Let’s examine four accountability concerns that arise in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Accountability Issue #1: Who Manages the Exchanges? Since most cryptocurrency […]

Ten Myths About Data Science

Click to learn more about author Daniel Jebaraj. Introduction Data Science is now being used as a competitive weapon. As with other technologies and processes that can transform the way companies operate, there’s a lot of contradictory information about it that’s causing considerable confusion. Most of today’s business leaders have heard that Data Science can […]