How Cloud Economics Help Businesses Build Cyber Resilience in the Cloud

Cloud computing has enabled many organizations to improve the scalability and flexibility of a variety of crucial business functions. As migration to cloud-based solutions gains momentum, understanding the total cost of cloud adoption is crucial. Cloud economics, in particular, is a framework that has been tailored to evaluate and enhance the financial dimensions of harnessing […]

Is Cyber Insurance a Must-Have?

The frequency and severity of cyberattacks have dramatically increased in recent years, leaving businesses and individuals vulnerable to financial loss and reputational damage. As technology continues to advance, and with the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, there is a growing need for cyber insurance.  Cybersecurity insurance was created in the late 1990s when organizations began moving their […]

Prioritizing Cybersecurity at the Leadership Level

Week after week, month after month, shareholder cyber lawsuits hit the news. Capital One settles for $190 million. A class-action lawsuit was filed against Ultimate Kronos Group for alleged negligence regarding a ransomware attack, identifying a poor cybersecurity system as the root problem. These two news items in recent months underscore the risks companies face in their ongoing war […]