Encryption Broken by Laziness

Click to learn more about author David Schlesinger. Many readers of my previous blogs have failed to ask the question “Is there really an unbreakable cipher?”   Even though they have been silent, I know some of them stayed awake nights with this provocative question – I will answer it below. In Hollywood movies, a bright hacker […]

Encryption, Primary Keys and Infinity

Click to learn more about author David Schlesinger. A certain area of cyber security involves encryption. This necessarily includes a good passphrase, modular math and a lot of scrambling.  Good encryption produces a coded message that appears like a series of random numbers. You see, in a real series of random numbers. There is infinite entropy. […]

Let’s Talk Encryption

Click to learn more about author David Schlesinger. Wait! I promise – no math! Really! How encryption happens is not your job, and you may be excused from knowing the algorithms, remembering who discovered what, and why there is a secret key. Encryption systems scramble data into gibberish for protection, and then the gibberish can be […]

Ransomware – The New Cyber Protection Racket

Click to learn more about author David Schlesinger. Now that a number of newsworthy institutions such as hospitals, schools, and government offices, have fallen victim to what is called “Ransomware”, the media have finally noticed it. Ransomware, for those not yet familiar, is a pernicious type of cyber-attack where downloaded malware (i.e. “malware” is malicious software […]

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