Navigating SQL Server High Availability in Kubernetes for Improved Performance

There’s a compelling rationale for SQL Server not being the easiest pick for Kubernetes containerization initiatives. SQL Server environments are often characterized as formidable entities, known for their substantial scale and tendency to consume a significant portion of budget resources. Furthermore, SQL Server environments: Containers offer substantial potential for enhancing SQL Server’s agility, flexibility, and […]

Containers vs. Virtual Machines (and Why It Matters for Data Center Professionals)

In the world of IT not so very long ago, there was a significant shift that transformed the way we manage and deploy applications. Virtualization, a technology that made traditional infrastructure more efficient, gained immense popularity among Microsoft SQL Server professionals. However, the IT industry is constantly evolving, and now containerization has emerged as the latest […]

A SQL Server Solution That Developers Should Know

Microsoft SQL Server is a critical database server for software developers, helping to store and retrieve data that other software applications request. That’s why SQL Server developers are in such high demand – and command average salaries close to six figures. Yet while SQL Server remains a go-to relational database management system, it has some significant […]

Some Thoughts in the Wake of World Password Day

Click to learn more about author Don Boxley. World Password Day was born back in 2005 when security researcher Mark Burnett suggested that everyone embrace a specific day in which they update their digital passwords. According to National Day Calendar, this idea gained traction in May 2013, when Intel Security selected the first Thursday each May as World Password […]

How Healthcare Organizations Can Remedy Data Protection and Availability with Cloud DR

Click to learn more about author Don Boxley. With the COVID-19 pandemic showing few signs of slowing, together with virtually every reputable health authority warning of a second wave this Fall, most industries are reevaluating their data protection, availability, and disaster recovery (DR) strategies. Not surprisingly, healthcare is chief among those taking a hard look […]