Data Science Education at Carnegie Mellon University: Demand for Analytics Skills

The wide acceptance and demand for Data Science education is reflected in the variety of graduate programs at Carnegie Mellon University. There are nine degree programs offered through four schools, emphasizing different aspects of analytics. Two degrees, the Master’s in Machine Learning and Master’s in Computational Data Science emphasize the computer science elements; the Master’s […]

An Overview of University and Non-Traditional Programs in Data Science Education

In 2011, McKinsey Global Institute forecast an enormous shortage of Data Science and Analytics professionals by 2018. Academia responded by developing a host of Data Science education programs, primarily allowing graduates with mathematical and technical backgrounds to earn a master’s degree. Since the first programs started, they have now spread to dozens of universities, and […]

Hadoop Overview: A Big Data Toolkit

Big Data isn’t new. Forbes traces the origins back to the “information explosion” concept first identified in 1941. The challenge has been to develop practical methods for dealing with the 3Vs: Volume, Variety, and Velocity. Without tools to support and simplify the manipulation and analysis of large data sets, the ability to use that data […]