The Three Most Dangerous Ransomware Delivery Vectors: RDP, VPN, and Phishing

Click to learn more about author Gerry Grealish. Successful attacks using ransomware have proliferated so much that some security researchers are developing viable second careers as “ransomware negotiators,” bargaining with attackers who hold corporate data hostage. Creative — and convincing — ransomware approaches have flourished during the lockdown era, with industry experts noting a 72 […]

Four Reasons Why SDP is the Best Way to Secure Remote Access

Click to learn more about author Gerry Grealish. Software-defined perimeters are designed with flexibility, scalability, and security in mind. They offer many advantages over access-enablement technologies such as virtual private networks (VPNs) and Network Access Control (NAC) and are also foundational technologies for zero-trust security. Let’s learn what makes SDP so powerful and so secure. […]