How Data Privacy Regulations Impact Network Security

Network security uses physical and software security solutions to protect network infrastructure from unauthorized access, misuse, failure, alteration, disruption, or unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data. Network security involves implementing security policies, procedures, and tools to prevent unauthorized persons and programs from accessing a network, connected devices, and network traffic. Network security applies to both public […]

Analyzing Kubernetes Operational Data

Kubernetes is an infrastructure platform commonly used in modern IT environments. It supports cloud-native applications and offers many benefits but also introduces complexities and operational challenges. Operating Kubernetes reliably requires detecting errors and fixing them quickly. You can only achieve this by establishing visibility into your containerized environments.  Monitoring Kubernetes provides access to operational metrics, helping […]

4 Essential Tools for DevSecOps Teams

DevSecOps (short for Development, Security, and IT Operations) extends the principles of DevOps to include secure development practices.  DevOps is a development method designed to create, test, and release software quickly, with high quality, and with the ability to rapidly respond to customer needs. This is achieved through task automation and management tools that streamline […]

Top Cloud Security Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Cloud security is composed of a set of policies, controls, processes, and technologies that work together to protect cloud-based infrastructure, systems, and data. These security measures are configured to protect data, support regulatory compliance, protect customer privacy, and set authentication rules for individual users. Cloud security is a critical consideration as organizations migrate workloads to the […]

Optimizing the Cost of Azure Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage is a cloud-based storage service that provides organizations with a variety of storage solutions. Azure Storage provides: Cloud-based file sharing Message storage NoSQL storage Virtual machine disk storage Highly scalable object storage All storage products offered through Azure Storage are designed for high availability and redundancy. The underlying hardware that supports Azure Storage provides redundancy in […]

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