Streaming Analytics 101: The What, Why, and How

Stream processing analyzes and performs actions on real-time data though the use of continuous queries. Streaming Analytics connects to external data sources, enabling applications to integrate certain data into the application flow, or to update an external database with processed information. Bloor Research analyst Philip Howard says stream processing is really an evolution of Complex […]

Streaming Analytics: Predictions of the Future

Streaming Analytics provides real-time optimization of the customer experience, improves quality of service, network performance, and creates new revenue streams for the enterprise. Netflix uses streaming analytics to provide greater efficiency, forecast changes more effectively, and save money by allowing the company to implement new processes in real time. Netflix has over 75 million customers […]

Deep Learning is Big Learning

If you have ever used eBay, Amazon or some other big retailer to shop online you are familiar with typing in a search description such as “Women’s Flip Flops” Or “Men’s Neck Ties” and seeing a sleuth of search results. Then you select or deselect options and your search results get narrower and narrower. You […]