The Machine Economy Is Here – The Digital Transformation Era Is Over

The age of digital transformation is over. It’s too late to be debating whether you should digitally transform your organization. The world has already digitally transformed. Everything is already digital-first, totally connected, in the cloud, and powered by data, everywhere, all the time.  Digital-first organizations won. Everyone else missed opportunities to innovate, made costly mistakes, and failed […]

Evaluating Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses

While data lakes and data warehouses are both important Data Management tools, they serve very different purposes. If you’re trying to determine whether you need a data lake, a data warehouse, or possibly even both, you’ll want to understand the functionality of each tool and their differences. This article will highlight the differences between each and how […]

7 Factors to Consider When Deploying a Modern Data Estate

The abilities of an organization towards capturing, storing, and analyzing data; searching, sharing, transferring, visualizing, querying, and updating data; and meeting compliance and regulations are mandatory for any sustainable organization.  Many companies have already invested in their data environment by deploying a traditional data warehouse, but data warehouses have many limitations.  For example, most data warehouses […]