How Much Should Enterprises Worry About Vendor Lock-In in Public Cloud?

Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. One of the key drivers to a multi-cloud strategy is the fear of vendor lock-in. “Vendor lock-in” means that a customer is dependent on a particular vendor for products and services, and is unable to use another vendor without substantial switching costs or operational impact. The vendor lock-in problem in cloud computing is the […]

Who Should Manage App Development Costs?

Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. We speak to enterprises large and small about cloud cost optimization, and one of the more dominant themes we have been hearing lately is: Who should manage app development costs? Cloud Operations teams (ITOps, DevOps, FinOps, Cloud Center of Excellence, etc.) that are responsible for the management, governance, and […]

Cloud Governance Models

Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. The deliverability of cloud governance models has improved as public cloud usage continues to grow and mature. These models allow large enterprises to tier and scale their AWS Accounts, Azure Subscriptions, and Google Projects across hundreds and thousands of cloud users and services. When we first started […]

Shadow IT: Not a Problem or Worse Than Ever?

Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. Shadow IT: you’ve probably heard of it. Also known as Stealth IT, this refers to information technology (IT) systems built and used within organizations without explicit organizational approval or deployed by departments other than the IT department.  A recent survey of IT decision makers ranked Shadow IT as the lowest […]

Tips for Better Cloud Expense Management

Click to learn more about author Jay Chapel. The term “cloud expense management” has been co-opted by many parties, from those selling employee expense management software hosted in the cloud, to telecom expense management software (TEM), to IT expense management software, to cloud cost management software which focuses on SaaS, IaaS, and/or PaaS services. For […]