Smart Data 101

by Jelani Harper The future of Big Data depends on Smart Data. The self-describing properties of Smart Data are practically necessities for the massive quantities, differentiated data types, and high volumes of Big Data because they facilitate: Unstructured and structured data aggregation and analytics: Smart Data supports rapid integration of either unstructured or semi-structured data […]

Social Business Intelligence

by Jelani Harper One of the most salient trends to emerge in Business Intelligence (BI) is social BI, which focuses on social media analytics and presents results in easily consumable ways to create action. There are many different aspects of social media, analytics, and marketing that social BI both encompasses and improves. Certain irrevocable changes […]

Integrating Big Data the Right Way

by Jelani Harper The true value in incorporating a Big Data initiative into an overall Enterprise Data Management scheme comes from integrating, and in some cases aggregating, external Big Data with more conventional sources of data. Doing so correctly involves accounting for issues of Data Governance, Metadata Management, traceability, and Semantic consistency that frequently require […]

Big Data Management Courses at Universities: Data Science and Analytics

Traditional university level tracks to careers in Data Management have pertained to Computer Science, Information Management, and Computer Engineering. However, the growing prominence of Big Data in operations and analytics has resulted in an increasing number of collegiate programs expressly designed to account for Big Data. The majority of these programs pertain to either analytics […]

The Reality of Natural Language Processing

by Jelani Harper Natural Language Processing (NLP) may seem the least notable of Semantic technologies and their applications, particularly when considering the hype surrounding graph databases, Cognitive Computing, and the Internet of Things. Nonetheless, Markets and Markets reports that the NLP market is projected to grow to $13.4 billion–with a CAGR of 18.4 percent—in the next […]

Cloud Complications for Metadata

by Jelani Harper The increasing prevalence of Big Data and Software Oriented Architecture has certainly made the Cloud appear to be one of the most viable mediums for accessing and managing data. Nonetheless, there are several ramifications of Cloud deployments that considerably exacerbate Metadata Management and significantly worsen aspects of overall service including: Cost Performance […]

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