Data Lake or Data Warehouse?

Click here to learn more about Joe deBuzna. Abandoning a data warehouse for a data lake may not be the answer. Over the last few decades, we’ve seen an explosion in the use of data warehousing within the IT industry. It was all the rage for doing analytics and reporting. Data warehouses are popular because […]

Using CDC to Power Real-time Analytics

Click here to learn more about author Joe DeBuzna. Snowflake is the first data warehouse and analytics service to be built for the cloud. Since Snowflake’s introduction in 2012, companies have flocked to it in order to minimize costs and simplify implementation and management of their data warehouse infrastructure. With Snowflake’s cloud-native architecture, organizations no […]

Four Methods of Change Data Capture

Click to learn more about author Joe deBuzna. As its name suggests, Change Data Capture (CDC) techniques are used to identify changes. CDC can be the basis to synchronize another system with the same incremental changes, or to store an audit trail of changes. The audit trail may subsequently be used for other uses e.g. to update a […]

Three Key Requirements for Continuous Integration in Cloud Environments

Click to learn more about author Joe deBuzna. In my previous blog post I discussed hybrid cloud computing. The phrase Hybrid Cloud Computing is used to describe the coexistence of multiple environments, at least one of which is a cloud environment. Hybrid cloud computing introduces new data integration requirements for data/database-dependent application. In this blog post, I will discuss […]

Hybrid Cloud Computing: What Does it Mean?

Click to learn more about author Joe deBuzna. My previous blog post, The Cloud is Now, covered motivations on why organizations adopt the Cloud, and why IT is now embracing Cloud Computing. However, a move to the Cloud can be a complex undertaking, especially for organizations running many applications or even multiple on-premises data centers. Business […]

The Cloud is Now

Click to learn more about author Joe deBuzna. Organizations have adopted the Cloud with open arms and for good reason, but not without challenges. Organizations large and small are embracing the Cloud. Data Security concerns that were prevalent in the early days of Cloud Computing have largely been addressed, and most IT departments in organizations are […]