Embracing AI: Why Artificial Intelligence is the Next Evolution in Analytics

Click to learn more about author Kimberly Nevala. Descriptive. Predictive. Prescriptive. Perceptive? Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides exciting new opportunities for exploiting data and information. But is AI a revolution or natural evolution of existing BI/Analytics use cases?  Certainly some of the core techniques that power AI (advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning in particular) represent […]

In Defense of the Data Swamp

Click to learn more about author Kimberly Nevala. Like political discourse in the US, the issue of the Data Lake has been decidedly polarized. Two sides advocating for better data access and faster insight. Each taking drastically different approaches to achieve the goal. To be fair: moderates exist and are – in many cases – […]

Putting Analytics and Data into Action: Organic Growth Doesn’t Occur Naturally

Click here to learn more about author Kimberly Nevala. I’ve recently moderated a number of executive panels on the rewards and realities of putting analytics and data into action. Across the board, the importance of nurturing “organic growth” was emphasized. Along with an equally important but oft overlooked caveat: organic growth doesn’t happen naturally. Sure, […]