The Changing Face of IT

Click to learn more about author Leon Adato. Five years ago, IT was a completely different ball game — or at least our perception of it was. To the naked eye, it may not look like a serious transformation. But the way people view IT has undergone tremendous change, especially in the enterprise. Back then, almost […]

How Execs Can Evolve as Industry Evolves

Click to learn more about author Leon Adato. Change is everywhere, and expectations are high. Whether it’s called digital transformation or digital modernization—or if we’re shooting at servitization—nearly every business is revolutionizing its processes and supply-chain flows. For success, executives must understand enacting digital efficiencies isn’t just about people in the backroom doing something obscure. Transformation […]

A “Thing” Explainer – Technology Edition

Click to learn more about author Leon Adato. With so many technology buzzwords flying around (and it seems more being added by the day), it’s become increasingly difficult to fully grasp the functionalities of new technologies before the “next best thing” is announced, revealed, merged, acquired, or discovered. As tech pros, we have a difficult job […]

How IT Can Keep a Seat at the Digital Transformation Table

Click to learn more about author Leon Adato. Traditional IT roles are changing. In the last two to three years alone, IT professionals across a variety of disciplines—systems, virtualization, databases, storage, networking—have experienced significant updates to their job descriptions to align with new capabilities introduced by the Cloud. IT’s function within businesses is changing, as well. […]