The Data-Information-Knowledge Cycle

Data Management is a very lexically challenged discipline. A major part of that lexical challenge is the terms “data,” “information,” and “knowledge.” These three terms are often misused, abused, and used interchangeably to the point that their real meaning is often unclear. These three terms must be formally defined – in order to create a […]

Do You Know What a Year Is?

As the calendar year comes to a close, a new one begins, and the fear of a December 21, 2012, catastrophe fades away, the meaning of a year comes to mind.  Data resource managers deal with a wide variety of different years, and those different years need to be formally named and comprehensively defined to […]

Three Aspects of Temporal Data

Temporal data are often treated lightly, and sometimes not at all, during data resource design and development.  However, temporal data can be extremely important to an organization and must be considered in a well-designed data resource.  The three aspects of temporal data that must be considered are briefly described below.* Temporal means of or relating […]