Analytics vs. Data Discovery

Newer and faster data channels are enveloping the digital business landscape, so business operators and users are becoming more demanding about what they want from their data. Now, the traditional Business Intelligence (BI) platforms are no longer sufficient to address all types of business queries; users are increasingly looking toward the Data Discovery capabilities of […]

Data Governance in the Cloud

IT center, on-premise infrastructure is becoming increasingly complex and costly, and requires highly skilled manpower, so businesses are now moving their IT and Data Science functions to the Cloud. Cloud Computing promises low-cost storage facilities, 100 percent up-time, managed services, and automated Analytics and BI services, leaving the businesses to concentrate on their domain expertise […]

Advanced Analytics: Exploration of Some Transformative Future Trends

The wide availability of streaming devices, monumental volumes of data, cheap storage platforms, and hosted Analytics Infrastructure have jointly contributed to the rapid adoption of Advanced Analytics by businesses of all shapes and sizes. Any reasonably well-informed business can now take advantage of outsourced Analytics Platforms and extract the maximum value from their data. This […]

Data Architecture and Artificial Intelligence: How Do They Work Together?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly gaining ground as core business competency. Today’s Machine Learning (ML) or Deep Learning (DL) algorithms promise to revolutionize business models and processes, restructure workforces, and transform data infrastructures to enhance process efficiency and improve decision-making throughout the enterprise. Gone are the days of data silos and manual algorithms. However, Why […]

Data Governance and Serverless Computing

Some of the latest buzz in the Big Data world is centered around the complexity of on-premises, Hadoop technology implementation, and so enterprises are getting restless and moving to the Cloud. In an increasingly Cloud-friendly business landscape, Serverless Computing may hold more promise than retrofitting Hadoop. More and more global businesses are moving to the […]

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