Common Types of Cloud Computing

Before the cloud era, businesses had to rely on in-house data centers and internal hardware and software infrastructures to conduct online business. Organizations had to make substantial investments to set up their websites and networks. Additionally, each business had to hire the right people to manage and monitor their infrastructures. This approach not only added to the […]

Fundamentals of Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics uses historical data to find the best course of action for the future. In a way, prescriptive analytics combines elements from both descriptive and predictive analytics to arrive at actual solutions. The increased preoccupation with everything “data” is now a mainstream trend. The analytics market is expected to reach $190 billion in 2023, growing […]

Data Warehouse vs. Data Lakehouse

The phrase “data warehouse vs. data lakehouse” offers an exciting topic for ongoing debate in the global Data Management world. While businesses have relied on traditional data warehouses for storing structured and semi-structured data for years, the more recent technological solution of the data lakehouse is growing in importance because of its unique ability to provide structure to raw data.  […]

Data Fabric Use Cases

Data is expanding in volume, variety, and sources; therefore, so is the business need for trustworthy, accurate, and timely data for on-demand “competitive intelligence.” Data fabric use cases offer a long-range technological solution for handling the myriad challenges that come with such a complex data ecosystem. This “converged platform,” designed with a unique architecture and […]

Machine Learning 101

Machine learning (ML) is a subfield of AI that helps train machines to make decisions or complete tasks independently by studying and learning from data. Machine learning enables computers to learn, understand, and make decisions or perform tasks like humans without explicit programming.  Machine learning includes the process of building mathematical models from sample historical data […]

Developing a Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud migration involves moving an organization’s data, applications, digital services, databases, and other IT resources to the cloud environment. A cloud migration strategy contains the blueprint for making this move happen. According to Gartner, more than 45% of IT spending will shift from traditional data-processing platforms to the cloud by 2024. This observation reaffirms the cloud platform’s popularity as […]

Advanced Analytics Use Cases

In 2023, organizations that switch to advanced analytics will be better positioned to leverage new opportunities in their respective industries. Increasingly, with the use of automated data analytics, companies are turning to analytics systems and advanced analytics use cases for strategy transformation and digital strategy.  Advanced analytics systems are gradually upgrading many companies, creating business […]

Machine Learning Examples and Applications

A subfield of artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) uses algorithms to detect patterns in data and solve complex problems. Numerous fields and industries depend on machine learning daily to improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making. Recently, ML technologies have been reinforced by two subfields of their own: deep learning (DL) and computer vision. Read on for real-world examples […]

Data Science 101

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that allows businesses to study and analyze large volumes of data and derive meaningful information from it. It combines elements of artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), and knowledge engineering to uncover insights from data. Data Science uses ML techniques such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning […]

Seven Essential Data Management Skills

As businesses continue to promote a culture of data democratization, effective strategies for managing data migrations and ensuring secure data access are gathering steam. IDC predicts that advanced Data Management skills will be necessary for up to 50% of everyday business operations in both large enterprises and small organizations this year. Data centers are becoming increasingly important for […]