Data Fabric Architecture 101

Today’s global organizations have data deployed both on-premises and across many cloud environments. In such a scenario, the biggest challenge is to find a single Data Management solution to enable businesses to access and connect data across disparate sources and provision a unified, virtual environment for data processing.  “The emerging design concept called ‘data fabric’ […]

Data Privacy and Security Concerns for Multi-Cloud Organizations

The world is going multi-cloud. Enterprises are leveraging the benefits of multi-cloud services to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive faster innovation. What does this mean for data privacy? With data residing in multiple locations, it’s more important than ever for organizations to understand their data privacy risks and ensure that any sensitive data is protected.  In […]

7 Key Features of Data Management Systems

Data Management is the practice of gathering, organizing, securing, and storing data for an organization so it can be analyzed for business decisions. Data Management helps minimize potential errors by setting processes and policies around its usage and building confidence in the data used for decision-making throughout the company. Businesses implement Data Management systems to ensure that data […]

Data Literacy Best Practices

The term “data literacy” refers to the ability to extract meaning from data. IDC, the global market intelligence expert, has predicted a “ten-fold increase in worldwide data” by 2025. It’s no wonder many data-driven organizations are in a race for an enterprise-wide data literacy initiative, with the vision of transforming their employees into data-literate workers. Global […]

Data Mesh Architecture Fundamentals

A data mesh architecture is a network design that allows data to be routed across multiple paths between network nodes. Whereas traditional network designs routed data along a single path, data mesh architecture enables data to be routed simultaneously across multiple paths between nodes.  This architecture provides several advantages over other architectures, such as a hub-and-spoke […]

Types of Analytics Used in Organizations

Data analytics in businesses help uncover competitive intelligence, actionable insights and trends. Different types of analytics enable businesses to gain an edge over their competitors. In the “data first” era, data-driven insights and decisions have become the key drivers of business performance. This post reviews the different types of data analytics routinely used in enterprises. […]

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