The Evolution of Data Virtualization: From Data Integration to Data Management

Data virtualization was first introduced two decades ago. Since then, the technology has evolved considerably, and the data virtualization of yesterday bears little resemblance to the data virtualization of today. This is due to several facts beginning with the limitations of legacy infrastructure, the massive amounts of structured and unstructured data that organizations were collecting, […]

Data Virtualization vs. Copy Data Virtualization

Click to learn more about author Ravi Shankar. Have you come across this phenomenon in the enterprise software market? When a new category gains prominence, many ancillary technologies with capabilities different from those of the original products that innovated that category, encroach into the mainstream and cause confusion. Case in point: Data Virtualization vs. Copy Data […]

Weaving Your Own Big Data Fabric

Click to learn more about author Ravi Shankar. With Big Data, anyone with a modest budget can store, manage, and process vast amounts of data. The problem is, many companies are storing data from different systems in different formats, creating Big Data silos that results in large datasets that need to be integrated manually. Aside from […]

The Power of Data Intermediaries

Click to learn more about author Ravi Shankar. Food for Thought At the grocery store the other day, I marveled at the staggering number of brands that were assembled under a single roof, and I thought about the incredible journey that brought each of them together, from diverse factories and farms. This ample selection could […]

How to Avoid Messing Up Big Data Analytics

Click to learn more about author Ravi Shankar. “Big Data” is still in the news these days, but the story has evolved from describing what it is to how an organization can actually use all that data for actionable intelligence, or “Big Data Analytics”. In fact, Forbes just reported on a Honeywell study of 200 manufacturing […]