How Measurable Analytics Helps to Improve Collaboration and Engagement

Click to learn more about author Sandra Lupanava. Team collaboration has taken team managers’ minds worldwide. As companies expect that team collaboration will bring multiple benefits, they keep implementing relevant tools and spread collaboration-centric cultures. This collaboration fashion has made the teamwork more transparent and facilitated the team management. At the same time, the overall […]

How to Revitalize Knowledge Management in Your Organization and Why Do it Now?

Click to learn more about author Sandra Lupanava. Modern organizations are excited about innovative solutions built with the latest technologies. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and IoT are true tech icons every company wants to incorporate into their business processes. Obsessed with the global technology race, organizations seem to forget about down-to-earth but important enterprise processes, such […]

How to Prevent Enterprise Collaboration from Stifling Knowledge Management?

Click to learn more about author Sandra Lupanava. It has never been easy to set up robust Knowledge Management in an enterprise. Organizational silos, communication barriers, and knowledge complexity often stall the development of Knowledge Management practices. In this context, organizations consider productive employee collaboration essential to successful Knowledge Management. Indeed, a collaboration-driven corporate culture […]

How a Knowledge Management Solution Can Help a Weak Knowledge Sharing Culture

Click to learn more about author Sandra Lupanava. Knowledge Management advocates have been discussing and promoting the concept of knowledge sharing culture since the late 90s. However, even 20 years later companies still struggle to adopt knowledge sharing initiatives. In their report on the state of Knowledge Management , TSIA proved that organizations would like […]