Achieving Successful Cloud Migration in Healthcare 

The healthcare cloud computing market is growing rapidly and is expected to exceed $62 billion by 2030. As cloud-based solutions become more prevalent in healthcare, they are transforming clinical, finance, HR, and supply chain operations. According to a recent survey of hospital and health system leaders, 45% of respondents already use cloud-based supply chain management technologies. By 2026, it’s […]

Don’t Dawdle, Don’t Dabble – Scale AI, Now

Most enterprises suffer from spotty deployment and management of artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. As different parts of the organization experiment with AI in silos, they waste both resources and the opportunity to learn from the experience of others. When my company commissioned an independent third-party survey of more than 2,500 AI practitioners across industries and geographies, […]

Three Causes of Cloud Migration Failure in Large Enterprises

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern business world, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is taking the industry by storm. Companies increasingly recognize the transformative potential of GenAI and machine learning. To harness the full power of these technologies, it is critical for organizations to embrace cloud computing. Cloud migration is not a mere option but […]

Machine Learning: Challenges and Opportunities for Modern Data Executives

The transformational promise of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for enterprises has fueled enormous excitement and massive investment by data executives. One estimate predicts that AI’s contribution to the global economy could reach an extraordinary $15.7 trillion by 2030. That’s more than the current combined economic output of China and India. Yet, there seems […]

Maximizing IT Investments and Enhancing End-User Experience with Data

In an age defined by data-driven decision-making, where 91.9% of organizations have already leveraged analytics to enhance their operations, a question remains: What if there were even more sources of untapped data, capable of helping businesses increase the quality of the end-user experience and elevating the functionality of systems, applications, and cloud investments within their business? This is […]