How to Ensure Data Quality and Consistency in Master Data Management

In the digital age, organizations increasingly rely on data for strategic decision-making, making the management of this data more critical than ever. This reliance has spurred a significant shift across industries, driven by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), which thrive on comprehensive, high-quality data. This evolution underscores the importance of master […]

Unveiling the ROI Dilemma: How Data Blind Spots Impact Asset Owners’ Bottom Line

In today’s fast-moving investment world, corporate and insurance asset owners are operating in the dark, hindered by the absence of a standardized industry benchmark for an overall asset performance assessment. Asset owners usually have many other responsibilities beyond managing portfolio strategies, affecting their ability to allocate time to comprehensively evaluate and optimize the performance of […]

Getting Ahead of Shadow Generative AI

Like any new technology, a lot of people are keen to use generative AI to help them in their jobs. Accenture research found that 89% of businesses think that using generative AI to make services feel more human will open up more opportunities for them. This will force change – Accenture also found that 86% […]

The Drive Toward the Autonomous Enterprise Is a Key Focus for IT Leaders in 2024

According to Gartner, 80% of executives see automation as a vital thread that supports informed business decisions. And they’re right. In today’s business landscape, automation has transcended a mere “nice-to-have” and become a fundamental driver of organizational success. It’s not just transforming tasks but reshaping businesses from the inside out. Enhanced resilience, richer customer experiences, and a sharper […]