5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Data Literacy Skills

Building and maintaining a data-driven business is the only way to ensure your long-term success in today’s increasingly digital commerce landscape. This involves more than just hiring a team of IT professionals or buying the latest data analytics tools – it requires improving your employees’ Data Literacy skills as well. Data-driven organizations must capture time-bound […]

Operational Data Analytics Extends Finance’s Value

Futuristic films, such as the new “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,” are a fun look into what the future might hold. But outside the cinema, we’re seeing shifts in what’s possible right now. By leveraging operational data that’s collected throughout their very own organization, finance leaders are transforming the finance function and extending the […]

Data Governance at the Edge of the Cloud

We are living in turbulent times. Online security has always been an area of concern; however, with recent global events, the world we now live in has become increasingly cloud-centric. With that, I’ve long believed that for most large cloud platform providers offering managed services, such as document editing and storage, email services and calendar […]

Best Practices for Managing a Data Fabric

When data is not viable for integration across systems and processes, business users will seldom have the right coverage of data. If people lack knowledge about data and its importance logically, it often becomes a challenge, which leads to less impactful decisions. A data fabric is an architectural capability that can give organizations a “data […]

4 Key Approaches to Using Data Analytics for Social Determinants of Health

Every day customers are calling health care call centers, providing visibility into their daily reality – without even being asked. Whether or not you’re listening, customers are sharing details about the social factors impacting their health care decisions within every interaction. These factors, both positive and negative, are called social determinants of health (SDOH) and include: Access to […]

Five Ways Multi-Cloud Is Accelerating Medical Science

Research scientists and health care professionals are taking part in a new era in medicine. More data is being collected and analyzed than ever before in both clinical and research settings. But as pharmaceutical and health care companies begin to apply AI and machine learning to these, they need considerable computing power (“compute”) and storage. Often, they […]

Recent Cyber Threats Highlight the Need for Data Protection

Earlier this year multiple European governments and media agencies were given a stark reminder of the pervasive cybersecurity threats that exist in a world without traditional network perimeters. The Zimbra webmail zero-day attacks sent organizations scrambling to contain the damage when a cadre of suspected Chinese hackers infiltrated these organizations’ systems in an attempt to […]

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