Why Traditional Threat Prevention Is Insufficient for Insider Threats

Security teams can be so focused on blocking cyberattacks from external actors that they forget the potential threats within their organizations. Verizon reports that insider threats cause almost 20% of all breaches.  Insider threats are difficult to defend against using traditional threat prevention measures because insiders inherently require elevated trust and access to get their jobs done. […]

7 Best Practices for Data Collection in 2023

Digital procedures play an important role in modern business, as they generate lots of valuable information that can be used to improve organizations and advance their goals. Thus, in 2023, website data collection will be a staple for most growing firms in various industries. However, as with any craft, there are bad, good, and better ways to collect website […]

Why Good Data Management Matters Now More Than Ever

In the early days of business analysis and underwriting, data was managed with simply a pen and paper and, of course, Excel spreadsheets. As technology has advanced, databases, warehouses, and data lakes have enabled information to be collected, stored, and managed electronically. But as businesses have rapidly increased the volume, velocity, and variety of data […]

Data Explainability: The Counterpart to Model Explainability

Today, AI and ML are everywhere. Whether it’s everyone playing with ChatGPT (the fastest adopted app in history) or a recent proposal to add a fourth color to traffic lights to make the transition to self-driving cars safer, AI has thoroughly saturated our lives. While AI may seem more accessible than ever, the complexity of AI models has increased exponentially.  AI models fall […]

Controlling SAP HANA Data Sprawl

Enterprises running large SAP HANA instances in the cloud are seeing a new challenge appear as their databases continue to grow. Since SAP HANA has a simplified data layout and structure compared to a more complex legacy database, it was assumed this would result in less data sprawl and duplication. But does the data stay […]

Multi-Cloud in the World of AI

ChatGPT has emerged as a groundbreaking innovation, taking the collective imagination of technologists by storm, and promising to revolutionize how humans and machines interact. Companies and developers worldwide are harnessing the power of ChatGPT. Many applications are in heavy development, and it has quickly become an essential component of the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. The […]

Modeling Modern Knowledge Graphs

In the buzzing world of data architectures, one term seems to unite some previously contending buzzy paradigms. That term is “knowledge graphs.”  In this post, we will dive into the scope of knowledge graphs, which is maturing as we speak. First, let us look back. “Knowledge graph” is not a new term; see for yourself […]