Is Data the Achilles Heel of AI?

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” Add this 21st-century irrefutable fact: The world can’t live without data. With its numbers, characters, facts, and statistics – the operations performed, stored, and analyzed – data has become an irreplaceable facet of daily life.  We use data to identify strengths and weaknesses. It helps […]

How Intelligent Enterprise Software Is Transforming Business Processes

Between OpenAI’s research release of its language model ChatGPT and Microsoft’s inclusion of an embedded (and still improving) artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot in its Bing search engine, it’s impossible to escape news about the rise of AI. Of course, these new AI tools are simply the most recent customer-facing applications after decades of development across various computing […]

A Powerful Pair: Modern Data Warehouses and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies like machine learning (ML) have changed how we handle and process data. However, AI adoption isn’t simple. Most companies utilize AI only for the tiniest fraction of their data because scaling AI is challenging. Typically, enterprises cannot harness the power of predictive analytics because they don’t have a fully mature data strategy. To […]

What Architecture Can Teach Us About Self-Healing Systems

DevOps teams and site reliability engineers (SREs) deal with code daily. Doing so teaches them to scrutinize their world, make astute observations, and draw unexpected connections. After all, although highly logical and mathematical in nature, software development is, at least in part, art form.  Unconvinced by that statement? Consider the parallels between history’s most remarkable […]

2023: Generative AI, IoB-Informed Products, and Other Data-Driven Technologies

There are several data-driven technologies that are primed to take off this year. Based on what we are seeing with our customers, we can expect a surge in the adoption of emerging technologies like generative artificial Intelligence as well as new software architectures that will transform markets, empower consumers, and deliver new personalized customer experiences. […]

How Biopharma Can Use Advanced AI and ML

The process of researching, developing, and ultimately commercializing a treatment for patients, regardless of the therapy area, is a long and costly one with slim chances for success.  For example, the average R&D investment in developing a new drug treatment is $1.3 billion, the median development time is 5.9 to 7.2 years for non-oncology and 13.1 years for […]

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