Ensemble Models: Bagging and Boosting

Click to learn more about author Rosaria Silipo. Ensemble models combine multiple learning algorithms to improve the predictive performance of each algorithm alone. There are two main strategies to ensemble models — bagging and boosting — and many examples of predefined ensemble algorithms. Bootstrap aggregation, or bagging, is an ensemble meta-learning technique that trains many […]

Getting RPA to the Next Level

Click to learn more about author Tom Thaler Robotic process automation (RPA) is the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market. That said, it’s not surprising that 41% of all operational process improvement programs focus on process automation and that RPA skills rank in the top three most important skills in achieving operational process […]

Embracing the Cloud Native Ecosystem

Click to learn more about author Eric Drobisewski To keep pace with consumer expectations in today’s increasingly digitally-enabled world, companies large and small are evolving how they work to become more agile in product delivery, embracing new technologies to drive greater innovation, optimizing costs and empowering people to build new skill sets through a culture […]

Industry 4.0: Challenges for Digital Transformation

Click here to learn more about author Mahendraprabu Sundarraj. The benefits of digital transformation – Competitive edge, deduction in operational expenses, and improved product quality – are indisputable. Many manufacturing companies have started transforming their manufacturing operations or at least plan to start soon. Digital transformation is never a one-time exercise, but a continuous improvement […]

How Automation, AI, and Data Integration are Transforming the Pharmaceutical Industry

Click to learn more about author Joe Rymsza. Pharma companies are more challenged than ever to bring drugs to market safely and cost-effectively. Roadblocks to success include the ever-evolving regulatory environment, growing patient safety concerns, and the burden of outdated technology solutions.  Today many businesses find themselves burdened with rigid and costly compliance processes. Furthermore, […]

AI-Based Hyper Personalization: A Primer

Click here to learn more about Gilad David Maayan. Hyper personalization uses customer information to tailor content, products, and services to a customer’s wants and preferences. The data used includes profile and demographic data, location, browsing, and purchasing decisions. This data is analyzed to create a customer profile and inform dynamic personalization of content and […]

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