Why Open Source Matters in Cloud DevOps

Click to learn more about author Nati Shalom. From its origin in the free software movement, open-source software has grown in popularity and adoption across industries worldwide. Open-source Linux now runs the majority of the world’s server workloads, Kubernetes (and Docker) adoption is growing exponentially and pushing the container and cloud-native revolutions, and on the […]

Building a Time Series Analysis Application

Click to learn more about author Maarit Widmann. A complete time series analysis application covers the steps in a Data Science cycle from accessing to transforming, modeling, evaluating, and deploying time series data. However, for time series data the specific tasks in these steps differ in comparison to cross-sectional data. For example, cross sectional data are […]

Data Cleansing: Why It’s Important

Click to learn more about author Avee Mittal. Data cleansing is an important step to prepare data for analysis. It is a process of preparing data to meet the quality criteria such as validity, uniformity, accuracy, consistency, and completeness. Data cleansing removes unwanted, duplicate, and incorrect data from datasets, thus helping the analyst to develop […]

Top Three Ways to De-Risk Your IT Infrastructure

Click to learn more about author Ken Steinhardt. Enterprise organizations continue to operate in unchartered territory of uncertainty, accelerated digital transformation, and precarious human intervention into IT systems – all exacerbated by the ongoing COVID pandemic. These factors significantly increase risk for enterprises and make capacity planning, performance planning, and core maintenance uncomfortably unpredictable. The […]

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