5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Data Literacy Skills

Building and maintaining a data-driven business is the only way to ensure your long-term success in today’s increasingly digital commerce landscape. This involves more than just hiring a team of IT professionals or buying the latest data analytics tools – it requires improving your employees’ Data Literacy skills as well. Data-driven organizations must capture time-bound […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Modeling and Analytics

As more and more companies start to use data-related applications to manage their huge assets of data, the concepts of data modeling and analytics are becoming increasingly important. While they typically rely on one each, they are two very distinct concepts.  Companies use data analysis to clean, transform, and model their sets of data, whereas they […]

Data Science: How to Shift Toward More Transparency in Statistical Practice

Data Science and statistics both benefit from transparency, openness to alternative interpretations of data, and acknowledging uncertainty. The adoption of transparency is further supported by important ethical considerations like communalism, universalism, disinterestedness, and organized skepticism.  Promoting transparency is possible through seven statistical procedures:  Data visualization Quantifying inferential uncertainty Assessment of data preprocessing choices Reporting multiple models Involving […]

How to Use Data Analytics to Gain Valuable Insights with Limited Data

Every modern business professional understands the importance of data. Data can separate the forest from the trees, providing business leaders with a new perspective. From valuable insights regarding customer satisfaction to understanding vital improvements that you can make operationally, data analytics can provide a huge return on investment. However, many businesses shy away from Data Science and analytics because they feel […]

How to Create a Digital Twin of Your Business

In an increasingly interconnected, fast-changing, and globalized world, business operations have entered a new level of complexity. Whether a company designs products, manufactures them, or provides a certain service – and in many cases, there are companies that do all of the above – the process has multiple layers. The end product likely goes through […]

Approaching Process Automation Using Virtualization Technology

Process control practitioners frequently use virtual machines (VMs) when deploying and managing process automation applications. However, developments in operational technologies have created new and better ways to streamline management on cloud data centers.  Orchestration and containerization – next-generation virtualization concepts – are transforming automation and freeing users from the frustrating and time-consuming process of wholesale digital […]

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