Domo Demo: Who Is Afraid of the Big Bad Data Wolf?

Download the slides: Just like the classic children’s fable of “The Three Little Pigs,” data professionals can feel like they are constantly building data houses in the form of new infrastructure and technology.  However, when the full force of data blows in, these houses reveal themselves to be made of straw or sticks (like […]

Melissa Demo: Melissa’s Next-Generation Data Quality Platform

Download the slides: Resolving bad, dirty, or duplicate data is a costly and time-consuming process that only gets more complicated when dealing with millions of records across multiple platforms and databases. This is why it is essential to have the right tools to streamline and simplify the Data Quality approach. Unison is Melissa’s next-generation […]

Soda Demo: Helping the Enterprise Build Good Data Products Through Monitoring and Testing Data Quality

Download the slides: Businesses are moving from using data to being built entirely on data, but there are challenges in terms of how they collect, process, and maintain data. The quality of a data-driven decision depends entirely on the quality of the data on which it’s based, yet perceptions and practices around Data Quality […]

Manta Demo: The Importance of Data Lineage for Your Data Quality Processes

Download the slides: Data Quality issues cost businesses millions of dollars each year in both lost revenue and direct or indirect costs associated with Data Quality processes. Optimizing and improving the efficiency of your overall Data Quality process makes organizations not only more competitive but allows them to comply with regulations, reduce the risk […]

OneTrust Demo: Streamline Data Management with OneTrust Data Governance

Download the slides: Organizations hold many types of data that are governed by many different laws, standards, and internal policies, and maintaining an effective Data Governance program is the key to demonstrating compliance and creating business value from this data. OneTrust Data Governance helps organizations to create a shared understanding of their data fabric […]

Prolifics Demo: Bull’s-Eye Governance – Critical Data First

Download the slides: An important factor in realizing a successful Data Governance program is its focus. Too often, we see Data Governance programs fail because they start with a wide net; they try to answer too many questions about ALL of your data over too many dimensions. A better solution is to target your […]

Alation Demo: Active Data Governance – A People-First Approach to Achieving Business Goals

Download the slides: Alation’s vision is to help consume data as an organization, to empower a curious and rational world. This means that people need to be able to ask questions and generate value and efficiency to help digitize business. To get there, organizations need to establish a data culture throughout the enterprise. But […]

OvalEdge Demo: Data Governance 2.0 | The Progressive Model

Download the slides: Data Governance isn’t what it used to be. It’s better. Today, modern techniques make it possible to implement Data Governance programs across an organization quickly, and with far fewer obstacles. Progressive Data Governance is at the pinnacle of modern governance models. It enables companies to introduce Data Governance programs as and […]

YourDataConnect Demo: YourDataConnect Platform for Data Monetization

Download the slides: YourDataConnect is the industry’s first SaaS data monetization platform to help organizations capture financial benefits by growing revenues, reducing costs, and managing risk. This demonstration will cover the following aspects of data monetization: Data valuation Stakeholder and use case identification Business case development Data monetization dashboards for measuring status and results […]

erwin Demo: Automation – The erwin DI “Suite” Spot

Download the slides: The pandemic has exemplified the importance of accurate, complete, and properly modeled data – we couldn’t go from zero information to the facts fast enough. In this session, we’ll explore the data struggles most organizations face in terms of speed to relevant insights. With the erwin Data Intelligence Suite (erwin DI), […]

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