Covertix Announces New Crowd-sourced Classification Engine

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covby Angela Guess

A recent article out of the company reports, “Covertix, a data-centric security provider, is releasing version 3.10 of SmartCipherTM, its real-time dynamic data discovery, classification, governance, control, and encryption solution. The real-time policy engine spreads the power of classification across the organization. Individuals can classify documents as they are being created or used, in addition to the policies provided companywide by the IT team. Covertix SmartCipher is completely scalable to any-sized enterprise requirement, protecting information used and created across and within departments for both the simplest and most complex corporate processes. Exceptionally granular or automated classification are available within the SmartCipher discovery engine and completely customizable based on who, what, when, where, and how.”

The article continues, “A single classification – such as confidential – can have multiple policies, such as HR confidential; legal confidential, with access and editing capabilities by internal and external parties, but without allowing any copying; or even IT confidential, where IT personnel can administer security but not see the content of the materials they are securing. Furthermore, SmartCipher can protect information leaving the organization ‘on purpose,’ such as ensuring the security of customers’ own records upon their receipt. Documents can be protected within any environment in which they are being used – Microsoft Office applications, Google Docs, Google Drive, SharePoint, DropBox, Box, Citrix, Outlook, Office 365, SalesForce, and any browser. Covertix SmartCipherTM easily imports existing classification and policy structures.”

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