Dremio Introduces AWS Edition

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According to a new press release, “Dremio, the data lake engine company, today introduced a new offering, purpose-built for Amazon Web Services (AWS), with two new technologies to support on-demand data lake insights and reduce cloud infrastructure costs. In a related announcement, Dremio also announced the availability of Dremio AWS Edition in the AWS Marketplace. Available in the new Dremio AWS Edition, elastic engines and parallel projects technologies deliver deep automation, resource efficiency and elastic scale enhancements. The combination of these new capabilities delivers tremendous performance gains and deep infrastructure cost savings.”

The release goes on, “Elastic engines address two critical challenges for data teams that are tightly coupled; performance and cloud infrastructure costs. Cloud software and services aren’t typically architected to take advantage of the inherent elasticity of AWS and thus incur ongoing infrastructure costs for idle compute resources. At the same time, traditional scale-out query engines are built around a single execution cluster architecture that supports multiple, dynamic query workloads. As a result, the cluster is either under-provisioned, leading to workload contention and inconsistent, degraded performance, or more commonly it is heavily over-provisioned to cover peak demand, leading to low efficiency and increased infrastructure costs.”

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