Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

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luxuryby Angela Guess

Dave O’Flanagan, CEO of Boxever, recently wrote in InsideBigData, “Artificial intelligence has seeped into the lives of everyone with an internet connection. Binge-watching television shows and online shopping carts full of suggested add-ons are commonplace, even though most consumers aren’t aware of what’s powering the recommendations. Algorithms are constantly hard at work, learning in real-time while users are sitting on the couch watching their favorite streaming shows or as they are adding items to their wish list at a favorite online retailer. Predictive analytics is permeating all industries as organizations start to harness the power of data collection to enable smart decisioning.”

He continues, “The travel industry is no exception, and for the most part, travel brands are missing an opportunity to become an integral part of their customers’ lifestyle like Amazon or Netflix. Even airlines are hiring data scientists who can employ AI techniques, such as machine-learning algorithms to provide real-time, highly-personalized offers for different customers. And it makes a lot of sense, as airlines run into many situations where one customer falls into a different profile for different purchases. For example, a traveler booking a business trip probably has vastly different preferences when it comes to price and convenience then that same traveler does when scheduling a family vacation. Instead of guessing which situation a traveler is in during a particular purchase, machine-learning algorithms can identify patterns that know which profile that particular person fits at any given time, and provide an accordingly enhanced and personalized experience.”

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