Leading Disruption in 2022: AI, Data Privacy Concerns, and Developer Relations

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Disruption has been on an ongoing progressive cycle since the beginning of the digital era – but when the pandemic began in 2020, innovations began to progress at a record pace. In today’s world, mastering data, analytics, and advanced technologies has become a primary driver of business strategy, providing organizations with unlimited possibilities to increase business value.  

As we move into 2022, and post-pandemic realities persist, organizations will need to implement new technologies and processes to withstand the increased pressures of the changing rules of the workforce. Here are three predictions that will have an impact on how businesses operate going forward. 


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The Rise of AI Implementation in Software Development  

Over the years, AI has gone from buzzword to game-changer technology, and it is revolutionizing how developers work. From productivity to quality and speed increase, the benefits are unmeasurable; however, the developer community continues to face a challenge: the implementation of AI.   

With the AI market expected to blow past $500 billion by 2024, next year is bound to be the stepping stone toward an AI-centric software market. For one thing, AI will alter how code is written, updated, and released – DevOps will become increasingly more automated and responsive. Software developers will need to learn how AI will fit within their own tasks. With AI-empowered to make changes to itself, the focus for developers will shift to a more creative, strategic level. For example, developers will need to learn how to “talk AI” to provide insights and drive core business operations; integrate different APIs using AI to build a better product and provide faster go-to-market time frames. Lastly, they will have to focus on the aspects of the software that are not so easily automated, such as finding ways that multiple software systems could work together. Developers will likely shift away from the practice and process of development and into building highly customized solutions for a wide range of challenges.  

Data Privacy Concerns Will Shape Big Data Management

As organizations reinvent themselves to thrive under the hybrid work model, data privacy and security have become top of mind. As we continue to navigate remote environments, Data Governance and software compliance processes will need to change. Businesses globally are managing sensitive data, and although privacy constraints are strong on the day-to-day, people are increasingly making major privacy mistakes (e.g., leveraging public networks without using a VPN to work, using personal accounts to share corporate information, reusing passwords, etc.). Minimizing risks will lead Data Management decisions throughout 2022 and beyond. 2022 alone won’t be enough to fully address this challenge. However, it will be the year when deeper steps will be taken in the right direction; we’ll find new services that laser-focus on this emerging issue, such as new tools for data accessibility and activity monitoring. Ultimately, IT and data managers will rethink their existing processes and create security and data systems that can withstand remote work.   

Empowering Developers in a New Way

As the developer community continues to grow and as it becomes more ingrained in decision-making for many organizations, the role of a developer relations (devrel) team or department will be more popular than ever. In the past few years, the career path of a developer advocate emerged and will exponentially explode in and outside of the U.S. coming in 2022. Catering to developers is becoming an increasingly competitive advantage, as developers continue to increase their influence on what gets used in a company in terms of software, technology, and services. They are also usually more vocal when it comes to things they like or not, which brings a bigger, more involved pool of people to connect with. Devrel is the perfect bridge between technology and the human: It’s all about connecting with people. From marketing to experience and success, we’ll see more and more companies either implementing developer programs or experimenting with them in order to grow a community of developers that the company hopes to nurture, grow, and engage.   

Getting Ready for the Year Ahead  

In 2022, we’ll see an increased focus on mastering applications that elevate digital experiences, human-centered tech, and working from home. We are living in an already digitally transformed world, and organizations are nurturing advancements to achieve success. By implementing AI into software development, concentrating on data privacy, and embracing the developer community, companies will propel forward.   

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