Webinar: Extraction of Governed Data Domains at Enterprise Scale

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About the Webinar

Master data describes your organizational world — the people, assets, organizations, and reference data that create it. All your business systems need to operate with the same consistent view of your operational world. Within the realm of financial planning, the need for coherence and accuracy across disparate business systems is non-negotiable. Effective management hinges on the uniformity, precision, and comprehensiveness of your master data. Understanding the who, what, when, and where of expenditure and forecast is pivotal for strategic financial excellence.  

In this webinar, we will showcase how to reverse-engineer applications across specific business functions and rationalize the data for those functions at enterprise scale. Using Precisely’s Enterworks platform to integrate, augment, and manage master data, we will demonstrate the identification, extraction, and governance of all relevant data domains.  

Join us to discuss a real-world case study illustrating how automation can streamline the extraction, profiling, and enrichment of financial data, paving the way for enhanced analytics and informed decision-making. Automation not only expedites the time-to-value for Master Data Management (MDM) but also empowers enterprises to unlock actionable insights at an unprecedented scale and pace.  

We will provide a: 

  • Understanding of the importance of Master and Reference Data Management, emphasizing uniformity, accuracy, and completeness.  
  • Process for extracting governed master and reference data embedded in legacy systems and rationalizing it so that it is available for other systems.  
  • Practical demonstration of reverse engineering disparate data dimensions using Enterworks as the data foundation for master and reference data. 

About the Speaker

Dave Wilkinson 

Chief Technology Officer, D3Clarity

Over the past decade, Dave Wilkinson has been a thought leader in extracting knowledge from corporate data assets:  

  • Building Fortune 500 clients to implement innovative architectures focused on generating knowledge from data  
  • Leading teams at IBM and Initiate Systems in developing approaches for data lakes and other information environments to address clients 
  • Translating these approaches into product implementations for Data Integration, Master Data Management, and Data Governance  

Dave’s approach focuses on desired outcomes. This focus directs the investment in tooling to maximize the outcomes’ value based on the available data. By applying pragmatic thinking, his 6 Sigma Blackbelt skills, and agile execution techniques, Dave’s approach enables valuable insights without massive effort and investment. Dave brings a wealth of skills to knowledge generation including: Data Infrastructure, Master Data Management, Data Governance, Information Architectures, Big Data, Hadoop, Structured and Unstructured Data, and Integration. 

Peter Coppenrath

Director of Technology Alliances, Precisely

Peter Coppenrath works in technology partner alliances at Precisely software. For the last 25 years he has been helping customers move, assess, govern, correct and enrich their data. Prior to joining Precisely in 2011 he worked at IBM with their InfoSphere software line.