NGD Systems Becomes First to Demonstrate Azure IoT Edge Using Computational Storage

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According to a recent press release, “NGD Systems, Inc., the world leader in NVMe Computational Storage, announced today at the Flash Memory Summit that it has embedded the Azure IoT Edge service directly within its Computational Storage solid-state devices (SSDs), making them the only platform to support the service directly within a storage device. In addition, NGD Systems introduced its 32TB Newport U.2 SSD, which offers <12W of power, doubling the capacity of the existing Newport Platform U.2 SSD form-factor. The two announcements underscore NGD’s continuing leadership in developing the edge ecosystem, achieving improvements in power, cost and physical footprint for data-intensive big-data-set workloads. These real-world use cases prove that scalable, integrated Computational Storage devices provide empirical benefits to edge applications.”

Nader Salessi, CEO of NGD Systems, commented, “Organizations are increasingly leveraging edge deployments to support mission-critical workloads such as real-time analytics, machine learning and other IoT-needed solutions. But recent data shows that only about 1 of 10 enterprises are truly satisfied with their compute and storage performance at the edge… NGD Systems’ technology brings compute directly to the data, so processing results at the edge, right where data is created, is possible, significantly improving latency of the system. Further assisting with this trend, we’ve embedded Azure IoT Edge within our Computational Storage and introduced new 32 TB SSDs that provide new avenues for our customers. NGD has continually improved its support for many types of deployments, including edge-centric solutions, thus removing bottlenecks in network and storage capacity all over the storage infrastructure.”

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