NGD Systems Delivers Industry’s First Scalable NVMe Computational Storage Platform

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A recent press release reports, “NGD Systems, Inc., the leader in computational storage, today announced the general availability of the 16TB U.2 NVMe SSD, the first of the Newport Platform of products for broad deployment of computational storage devices. The Newport Platform offers the highest capacity NVMe SSDs and leverages In-Situ processing to eliminate the need for data movement to main memory prior to processing, removing a major bottleneck that’s never previously been addressed. The Newport Platform makes it possible to implement intelligent edge and hyperscale environments with much greater efficiency and lower cost, providing customers a significant TCO benefit.”

The release goes on, “Intelligent edge computing applications have gained major momentum recently, while hyperscale system growth has accelerated. Each offers tremendous possibilities that can transform technology. However, both rely on fundamentally old computing architectures in which all data needs to be moved between and within servers’ memory and CPU before it’s processed. This data movement causes latency, consumes power and makes it harder to scale as datasets reach petabyte size, resulting in major bottlenecks for intelligent edge and hyperscale markets which prioritize response time, results and scalability. Organizations first tried to mitigate this problem by adding technology like NVMe-oF, composable architectures, and GPU and FPGA acceleration solutions, but these approaches increase cost, power consumption and size while they don’t address the fundamental issue of moving data before processing.”

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