Open Data Group Rebrands as ModelOp, Puts AI and ML Models in Business at Scale

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According to a new press release, “Open Data Group (ODG) has rebranded as ModelOp, reflecting the company’s sole focus on Model Operations and the rapidly growing need in large enterprises for this critical new capability, which is essential for realizing the value from their investments in AI. According to Gartner, ‘The democratization of ML techniques in the last few years has seen the proliferation of model development practices but unfortunately a majority of these models are neither operationalized nor deployed at scale. This capability is becoming critical for the survival of data science teams and this urgency will push MLOps toward the Plateau of Productivity in two to five years’.”

The release continues, “ModelOp was founded as ODG in 2016 by Pete Foley, CEO and Stu Bailey, CTO, with funding from the founders, advisors and Silicon Valley Data Capital.  Bailey and Foley previously worked together at Infoblox, where they pioneered a new category of IT infrastructure, leading to a successful IPO in 2011 and an acquisition of the company by Vista Equity for $1.6B in 2016.  Prior to co-founding Infoblox, Bailey as the technical lead at the National Center for Data Mining, worked closely with the pioneers of data science. Foley previously served as CEO at Port Authority (acquired by Websense) and Ring Cube (acquired by Citrix), and as chairman of Graphite Systems (acquired by EMC).”

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